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Electronic Archiving Services

TRANSFOND is the first authorized provider of electronic archiving services in Romania, in accordance with the provisions of Law 135/2007 on archiving documents in electronic format. The necessary authorizations and accreditations were obtained based on Orders 521 and 522 of 8 July 2009 issued by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society. Starting with 2012, MCIS renewed TRANSFOND's authorization via Order 751, in 2015, by Order 391, in 2018 by Order no 797 and in 2021 by Order no. 373.

By offering e-Archiving services, TRANSFOND relieves the subscribers to this service of any obligations to fulfill the legal and technological requirements for certification as an electronic archiver and authorized data center, while also contributing to cost-cutting in terms of the high investments and operational costs connected to the implementation of an electronic archiving solution at customer company level, in line with the legal provisions in force.

Access to TRANSFOND’s electronic archiving services requires minimal knowledge on how to use a web browser, as well as on how to use an application for electronically signing a document and the use of a secured device to generate and store electronic signatures (token).

This service is designed for financial and banking institutions, insurance corporations, leasing companies and other financial institutions in Romania.