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Starting 2000, the banking community has granted TRANSFOND the role of interbank payments processor, with the main mission to implement the Electronic Payment System which became operational in 2005. In 2008, the system was completed once interbank payments by cheques, promissory notes and bills of exchange entered the virtual space.

At the present time, TRANSFOND is the owner and operator of the interbank payments Automated Clearing House - SENT, a component of the Electronic Payment System. 

In order to align the Automated Clearing House to European standards, TRANSFOND, in collaboration with RBA, continued the modernization of the payment order and direct debit in order to adopt SEPA standards. This was materialized by launching, between November 2012 and April 2016, the components of SENT which enable the processing of payment orders (lei and euro) and direct debits in national currency in SEPA format.

In addition to owning and operating SENT, TRANSFOND offers complete and cutting-edge solutions for the financial sector in particular and for their customers, economic operators, in general: