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Automated Clearing House - SENT

SENT is an electronic system for the multilateral clearing of low-value interbank payments sent among participants, during several daily sessions. This system stands apart due to the large number of instructions processed daily (about 95% of total interbank payments) and their low individual value, as well as due to the use of the TFDNet virtual private network for message exchange between participants and the system. This type of system is known as the Automated Clearing House - ACH.


Participants to the SEPA schemes in the EURO area reachable via SENT

Eligible institutions:

Types of transactions processed:

Core features of SENT:

Additional facilities

SENT provides a large number of facilities for file preparation, submission, management, monitoring and notification to participants and TRANSFOND, as follows:

One specific SENT aspect is that the instructions are submitted by participants in the system as instructions files (batches). The system allows participants two alternative processing modes, having the right to choose whichever suits them best, namely:

The clearing of instructions is done at batch level, permanently monitoring the compliance with each participant's collateral limit (the net position is permanently covered by the collateral voluntarily set up by participants).

The clearing of a validated file (as regards format and collateral) is done during the pre-established clearing periods via the SENT timetable, by real-time processing (immediately after validation) in the technical accounts of the involved participants (initiator and receiver).

Operating days

SENT is operational only on ReGIS and TARGET2 business days, as the final settlement of the NSI (Net Settlement Instruction) takes place in these systems. Wuth regard to euro cross-boarder payments, they are processed in accordance with the operating hours of the external partner, equensWorldlines.

SENT timetable

The SENT timetable currently includes 3 settlement sessions during business days, each having the same preset times.

TRANSFOND's role in SENT operation

TRANSFOND is the owner of the SENT IT infrastructure, the administrator and technical operator of the system.

In this capacity, TRANSFOND: