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About Us

TRANSFOND is the technical operator of the Electronic Payment System, providing Electronic Invoicing and Archiving services.

The company was established in 2000, in order to modernize and automize the interbank payment system. The Electronic Payment System went live in 2005, and was completed in 2008 with the debit instruments electronic processing.

The infrastructure development continued with the launch, in November 2012, of the credit transfer processing service for payments in domestic currency, in SEPA format. In December 2013 it was followed by the processing of credit transfers in euro, both domestic and cross-boarder. In April 2016 TRANSFOND, in partnership with the Romanian Banking Association launched the SEPA Direct Debit processing service, in national currency, thus finalizing the modernization programme of the Automated Clearing House – SENT as well as the complete readiness of the central retail infrastructure (except for cards) for the euro adoption.

TRANSFOND boasts comprehensive experience in the coordination of large projects involving several institutions whose interests differ according to the types of services delivered, with different paces and working methodologies and with wide-ranging infrastructures. The outcomes following the roll out of these projects have been truly appreciated by the beneficiaries - Romanian commercial banks.

Since Go-Live up to the present moment, the Electronic Payment System has had a maximum level of availability and security, with fees continuously lowering.

In order to ensure the interconnectivity of the Automated Clearing House SENT with its European counterparties, in 2015, TRANSFOND, in partnership with five other clearing houses in the EU (Wordline, former Equens - Netherlands-Germany, ICBPI - Italy DIAS - Greece, Iberpay - Spain and KIR - Poland), founded the European Clearing Cooperative - which aims to become a central hub for processing cross-border payments in euro across the EU. This project is ongoing, with the operationalization of TRANSFOND’S connection in 2017, thus allowing an extended addressability in the euro zone, for cross-boarder payments.

Currently, TRANSFOND’s strategic development objective is to consolidate and enrich it’s profile, as financial services infrastructure provider, with a strong emphasis on IT&C. TRANSFOND continues the development of services designed for the financial and banking community, through the launch of new business lines focused on improvements and diversification of the activities of company’s clients.

By launching e-Arhiv@ 2009, TRANSFOND became the first authorized service provider for electronic archiving in accordance with Law no. 135/2007 on archiving electronic documents.

In 2010, TRANSFOND enlarged its range of services by adding e-Factur@ - electronic invoicing services, for both issuers and payers.

The company’s role is to provide high quality technological services for the financial and banking community in Romania, fully integrated into the value chain of services developed so far. TRANSFOND aims for a competitive market position, adding value by exploiting technological opportunities, as well as development of new products and services in an integrated manner.