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TRANSFOND has been leveraging on the competences acquired while implementing the Automated Clearing House in the development of new projects in the payment market or in ancillary domains.


Currently, at the request and together with the Romanian Association of Banks and the banking community, TRANSFOND is implementing a new service for initiating cardless electronic payments using a mobile phone - namely RoPay.

Payments initiated with RoPay are processed through the Instant Payments Infrastructure offered to banks since 2019. This currently covers over 70% of the cardless electronic payments market in Romania, with the prospect of exceeding 80% coverage in the first half of 2024.

The new service, RoPay, will cover all usual payment situations (merchant (physical stores) payment, e-commerce payment, payment between friends, etc.), with payments being executed in real time with instant settlement in the beneficiary's bank account.

RoPay will use a QR code standard adopted by the banking community and compatible with the European standard. Through RoPay, instant payments can be initiated both inter and intrabank.

The target customers for RoPay are any type of consumers and merchants interested in making and collecting instant electronic payments with minimal efforts and costs, compared to other means of payment.

RoPay brings multiple benefits to merchants in terms of processing costs, payment vs. delivery reconciliation, ease of implementation and, above all, liquidity, with payments being settled within a maximum of 10 seconds after the customer initiates the payment (the money becomes immediately available in the merchant’s account), under conditions of maximum security and availability 24/7/365. Also, the service offers merchants the opportunity to launch new loyalty programs/promotion of their own services and products, correlated with the use of RoPay. At the same time, it creates the conditions for small merchants to have real-time income, offering the same satisfaction as cash receipts.

For individual consumers, RoPay benefits are generated by the possibility to pay free of charge in real time by scanning a QR code for the purchase of goods and services online or in the physical shops, to make instant payments to relatives, suppliers or other recipients.

The service will be available in mobile banking applications of banks that adhere to the RoPay scheme, functionally integrated with them, but with its own visible, unitary and common identity for the participant banks. As a payment collection tool, RoPay will be technically integrated with the acquiring facilities of the bank/payment institution/payment processor that offers it.

RoPay will offer an extremely fast and pleasant payment experience (initiation and execution) so that it is easy to adopt in everyday life by consumers.

At the same time, RoPay creates in Romania the prerequisites for the European Commission's new retail payments strategy application, developed and adopted in September 2020 and whose conclusions were adopted in the European Parliament in 2021. The strategy aims at predominance of real-time retail payments performed using mobile devices, relative to any other payment methods, electronic or cash in the European Economic Area.