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Electronic Invoice Service


The electronic invoicing service is actually a suite of actions/sub-services that follow the usual stages of any invoicing process: issuing invoices, invoice delivery/sending and archiving invoices, but in a fully electronic environment, replacing totally or partially, depending on customer needs, the similar process that takes place on paper.

Invoices in electronic format can be accessed via the secured e-Factur@ application, where both invoice issuers and receivers alike can connect. Via this application, issuers’ authorized users can visualize or download electronic invoices or can generate and download reports that reflect the invoicing process in an integrated and integral manner, namely the electronic format invoice issuance, sending, receipt and archiving. 

Moreover, e-Factur@ can work in connection with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)-type system used by the issuer and/or the receiver (in a business-to-business relationship), with a view to facilitating the automation of internal financial processes, thus substantially cutting processing costs and time.

In addition, this service paves the way for developing the facility for the reconciliation of issued invoices with the amounts collected, which, in SEPA, is the second value-added service related to payments, considered of critical importance to EU trading companies. 

The service provided by TRANSFOND enables the automation of the internal processes of both the invoice issuer and receiver, for cash flow monitoring, accelerating, smoothing and controlling. The central application is fully managed by TRANSFOND, from a technical and functional point of view, so that customers can channel their efforts to other business areas.