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Invoice Delivery

Invoice Delivery
Invoice Archiving

The invoice delivery (in .xml format, signed electronically and in .pdf format unsigned, for an easy view of the content) is done via the account opened in e-Factur@ by each receiver-customer, the client being notified via e-mail whenever invoices in electronic format are issued for him/her.

The notification of receiver-customers is done once a day, for all the invoices issued by an issuer for a particular customer, or for each issued invoice, if the issuer opted for such a frequency of notification.

Receiver-customers can access at all times via the TRANSFOND webpage, their account opened in e-Factur@ (24/7), by supplying their username and password, from any device with internet access. In this account, the receiver can view and download the invoices issued in the last 90 days (individually or grouped per time intervals) received from all his/her invoice issuers who contracted the TRANSFOND services. To simplify invoice retrieving, customers can choose from among several filters: issuer name, client/invoicing center code, time interval, or other specific issuer-defined filters.

In order to comply with the requirements of the Tax Code related to keeping content integrity, ensuring source authenticity and the readability of electronic invoices (as electronically-signed .xml files) during their entire lifespan, TRANSFOND makes available to receiver-customers a module accessible from the e-Factur@ account, via which they can upload invoices older than 90 days, to be viewed and downloaded in .pdf format.