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Quality and Security


TRANSFOND’s main target is to meet and anticipate customer needs, by providing high-quality services at all times, in line with applicable national and international quality standards and specifications.


Obtaining the Quality Management System certification in 2009 marked the crowning achievement of our entire organization, as a token of recognition for the efforts made to provide quality services to customers, while also acknowledging the managerial competence in our organization and, last but not least, as an expression of the organization’s ability to deliver value-added services to our customers.

The implementation and certification of a Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 international standard, are the outcome of the involvement and joint efforts of the company management and of all TRANSFOND’s employees.

The latest recertification of the Quality Management System took place in June 2021. Maintaining the QMS certification represents a concern for our entire organization, with a view to achieving an ongoing consolidation and improvement of the quality of the services delivered.


The risk management system implemented across the company, corroborated with our business strategy, ensure the improvement of the decision-making and planning processes. The system enables risk identifying and analysis, the permanent assessment and implementation of the strategies for the mitigation of the effects of threats, as well as capitalizing on opportunities with a view to reaching the company’s goals over the short, medium and long term.

Risk analysis is performed on a regular basis and the profile of emerging risks is monitored, just like the allocation of the necessary resources to address and monitor these risks, all resulting in the development of a top-notch business model.

Across the company, risk management is the duty of each individual, as employee communication and awareness on the nature of risks they face is considered an essential stage in the risk management process.


TRANSFOND attaches great importance to information security, integrating it in the global context of legal regulations in force and the dynamic realities in the IT and financial services areas. Across TRANSFOND, information security is governed via a complex structure of documents, relations, agreements and operational responsibilities, together with legal, regulatory and compliance requirements.

The risks related to information security are analyzed periodically, TRANSFOND making an appropriate level of investments in control mechanisms and measures in order to safeguard information security. All these actions taken by TRANSFOND are meant to provide a safe operating environment for all participants to the Electronic Payment System (EPS) and for the customers of the new services provided by TRANSFOND.

The certification of the Information Security Management System according to ISO 27001:2005 standard was obtained in May 2014, based on UKAS accreditation. The latest recertification of the Information Security Management System took place in April - May 2023.


The position of TRANSFOND within the financial and banking system, the reliance on technology and the specific threats of the environment in which it operates prompted the implementation of a business continuity management system, in line with the BS 25999 standard requirements.

This system creates the prerequisites for a structured reaction in case of unforeseen situations which could affect the operating of critical business processes of the organization (and, ultimately, customer service delivery), by:

The joint efforts of the systemic elements mentioned above ensure mitigation of the effects of these situations on the company and allow TRANSFOND to restart, in due time, its critical processes for the adequate operation of the payment systems and securities settlement systems.