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Professional Affiliations


In the fall of 2006, 20 automated clearing house from 17 European countries set up the European Automated Clearing Houses Association - EACHA, as a not-for-profit organization operating under Belgian law.

TRANSFOND became a member of this association in 2007, in accordance with the short- and medium-term interests of the company, shareholders and customers alike, due to the SEPA implementation.

Member institutions: Bacs Payment Schemes Limited – Great Britain, Banca d'Italia, Bankart – Slovenia, Bankgirocentralen BGC AB – Sweden, BORICA - BANKSERVICE – Bulgaria, CEC - Belgium, Deutsche Bundesbank – Germany, DIAS – Greece, Worldline – Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Eurogiro – Denmark, FINA – Croatia, GIRO Zrt. – Hungary, GSA – Austria, Iberpay – Spain, ICBPI – Italy, KIBS – Macedonia, KIR – Poland, Latvijas Banka – Latvia, NationalBank of Moldova, NETS – Denmark, Oesterreichische Nationalbank – Austria, SIBS – Portugal, SIX Interbank Clearing – Switzerland, SIA – Italy, STET – France, TRANSFOND, VocaLink – Great Britain.

The Association was set up in response to SEPA development, so as to be able to contribute to the debates and projects related to its implementation, contemplating the interests of the clients of the member associations – commercial banks.

For more information http://www.eacha.org/.


At the beginning of 2007, the founders of the information center www.no-cash.ro laid the foundation of a new association for electronic payments, benefiting from the help of several financial institutions, private companies with interests in this field (infrastructure providers and non-bank card issuers), as well as the help of other players involved in the field of electronic payments. The names of those interested to participate in the association include companies such as Alpha Bank, BCR, Banca Transilvania, Bancpost, CEC Bank, Garanti Bank, ING Bank, Mastercard Europe, Netopia, Oberthur Technologies, Patria Bank, Piraeus Bank, Provus Service, Raiffeisen Bank, TRANSFOND, Unicredit Bank, Indeco Soft, Visa Europe, BRD, Printec Group, Credit Europe Bank, Insights Enterprise, Austria Card, Gemalto, Zebrapay, Banca Romaneasca. TRANSFOND is a founding member of this organization.

The Romanian Association for Electronic Payments (APERO) is a professional, non-government, non-profit and apolitical body, established under Romanian law, with an indefinite period of existence. APERO advocates the protection and stability of the electronic payments industry as a means to support Romania’s economic development. In this respect, APERO’s goal is to promote electronic payments, including via proposals of legal initiatives, as well as to enhance public confidence in the use of cashless payment instruments/means and to integrate the national market for electronic payments into the European financial market as well as the global financial market.

For more information: http://www.apero.ro/.


In order to support the development of local payment services, as well as a complete alignment to European standards, TRANSFOND offers, starting 2013, processing services for interbank euro payments both domestic and cross-boarder. Along with the Go-live of SENT – Euro Component, bank customers in Romania (foreign trade operators) can make euro payments to their partners in Europe, under maximum efficiency in terms of time and transaction costs.

Starting October 2016, TRANSFOND extended the reachability of this service by concluding a new interoperability agreement based on SEPA standards and the framework of the European Automated Clearing House Association (EACHA), with Worldline (former Equens S.E.), the leading pan-European automated clearing house (PEACH) of the mentioned association.Transactions between the two compensation schemes are exchanged via the SWIFT network and settlement is concluded in TARGET2.

Thus, TRANSFOND ensure, through SENT – Euro Component a high level of interoperability with representatives of the banking community in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, San Marino. The new agreement provides access to participants in SENT – Euro Component for 79% of Member States of the European Union (22 countries, including Romania).

This new agreement meets the requirements for the banking community in Romania for increased reachability in SEPA, due to the application deadline (31 October 2016) for EU Regulation no. 260/2012, regarding the obligation to ensure access to euro cross-border payments in the euro area for EU Member States that have not yet adopted the euro.


Starting 2011, TRANSFOND joined EESPA – European E-invoicing Service Providers Association, as a full member. EESPA is providing and developing a number of services for its membership:

EESPA was formed in 2011 in Belgium as an International Not-for-Profit Association by 13 founded members: Basware Oyj, Bottomline Technologies Europe Ltd, Cegedim S.A., Certipost nv/sa, First Business Post GmbH, Fundtech FSC Ltd, Nordea Bank AB, OB10 Ltd, Seres S.A., SIBS Processos, TecCom GmbH, Tieto Finland Oy și Unified Post SA. 

For more information https://eespa.eu/.