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Career opportunities


Besides its complex infrastructure, TRANSFOND’s value lies in its people, the ones who provide the daily management and operating of the current systems and the ones who connect the company to the requirements of the future.

In an attempt to preserve a high level of knowledge at all times, we invest in the education and training of our human resources. Our employees have the opportunity to develop professionally during their entire career, in order to overcome any situation which might test their abilities.

The company staff benefit, on an annual basis, from specialized training courses in order to meet the company’s requirements for our lines of business:

The members of the managerial team support employees in their endeavours via regular consultations as well as via frequent appraisals of their performance.


As a result of the operational and the EPS implementation activity, TRANSFOND has been systematically consolidating a wide range of specific competences:


Resumes and letters of intention shall be sent to hr@transfond.ro or fax number 021/232 67 59.