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Mission, vision, values


In accordance with the requirements of the PFMI * and of the NBR Regulation no. 3/2018, TRANSFOND’s mission is a permanent one and focuses on the following:


TRANSFOND S.A. has taken on the role of main partner of the Romanian financial and banking community in the field of payments and additional/complementary services to interbank payments, by capitalizing on the available infrastructure and know-how.


Integrity, respect and equality of chance

Everything we do is guided by integrity and correctness, respecting the legal provisions in force, as well as the anticorruption policy of the company, showing respect to our team members, customers, partners and suppliers. Equality of chance is a fundamental value promoted by TRANSFOND, by applying a policy that encourages consideration of employees and partners, regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, disabilities, political beliefs or social origin, promoting their equal treatment.

Customer oriented

We dedicate our resources to understanding and satisfying customer needs. We are accountable to our customers, as well as to the environment we conduct our business in.

Team work

We encourage and acknowledge teamwork, mutual support within teams, our employees’ availability to collaborate with and provide unconditional support to their colleagues who need help, with a view to solving all problems. All our employees are encouraged to share the knowledge and experience they have accumulated, just like their own opinions and ideas, across the company. As a rule, we celebrate individual and collective success.

Flexibility and dynamism

We adapt our procedures, programs and actions to our customers and market’s needs as well as to technology changes.


We encourage and appreciate the creativity of our people and take into account innovative development ideas.


We respect the promises made to our customers and to our partners.

Corporate social responsibility

The company undertakes activities in order to support social solidarity, financial education, development of the quality of the medical act, as well as the cultural field, in accordance with the social responsibility policy adopted.

Respect for the environment

TRANSFOND invests in new environmental friendly technologies, respectively in those technologies that determine the decrease of environmental impact, by considerably removing paper as well as related processes (transport, packaging, storage, archiving etc.). Promoting these principles is carried out by the environmental policy undertaken by the company both in its entirety as well as at the level of each employee.

* PFMI - Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures