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Invoice Archiving

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Invoice Archiving

Starting July 2009, TRANSFOND was authorized and accredited, via Orders 521 and 522 of the Ministry of Communications and Information Society (MCIS), as a provider of electronic archiving services (e-Arhiv@), in keeping with the provisions of Law 135/2007. In 2015, the MCIS renewed this authorization for TRANSFOND via Order 391.

For customers who opted for the electronic archiving of invoices, invoices are automatically extracted from the electronic invoicing system and are archived in TRANSFOND’s electronic archiving system - e-Arhiv@. Customers can archive their historical invoices as well. Whenever needed, throughout the time period in which invoices are kept in the archive, the issuer’s designated users can access the e-Arhiv@ system to retrieve the archived invoices.

The archived documents have legal power and there is no need to print and store them on paper, which means both cost and storage savings.

The invoices processed via e-Factur@ and electronically archived in e-Arhiv@ can be viewed in .pdf format by using the “Visualizer” module from the e-Arhiv@ interface to:

  1. display the content of the original document (.xml) in a readable format
  2. check the authenticity of the source and the integrity of the invoice content in .xml format.