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Information that must be made public by the electronic archive administrator

TRANSFOND, as a result of the provisions of art. 15 of the Law no. 135/2007, provides its potential clients with a set of information referring to the electronic archiving system e-Arhiv@, which helps them making decisions.

1. General overview of policies, procedures and used technologies                                                                           

The TRANSFOND electronic archiving system, registered under the brand e-Arhiv@, is a modern system designed for integrally meeting the requirements of electronic archiving established by the Romanian legal regulations in the field. e-Arhiv@ allows the retention in electronic, unmodifiable format of the documents pertaining to TRANSFOND or to third parties, for a definite or indefinite period, in accordance with the archiving classified list of the participant in e-Arhiv@ - holder of the right of disposal of the documents and with the provisions of Law no. 135/2007 and Law no. 16/1996, with further amendments and completions. The e-Arhiv@ role is to collect, store, organize, classify the electronic format documents, with confidential character or of internal use, with the purpose of their preservation, consulting and representation, in conformity with the effective regulations. No documents containing information with public access regime or classified information in the sense of Law no. 182/2002 regarding the protection of classified information are stored in e-Arhiv@.

The storage of documents in e-Arhiv@ is done for a period established by the participant in the archiving classified list. After the expiry of the retention term, the documents for which this term has not been extended by the Selection Committee of the disposal right holder and/or the National Archives, they shall be destroyed according to the law.

The electronic archiving service offered by TRANSFOND addresses all banking institutions, insurance companies, leasing companies, as well as other financial institutions in Romania. At the same time, the system allows also the electronic archiving of invoices for the participants in the electronic invoicing system e-Factur@ of TRANSFOND.

For the archiving of documents in electronic format, for their preservation, consulting and representation, any document that will be archived in e-Arhiv@ must be classified in a document category and type and will have certain search criteria associated.

The categories, the types of documents and the search criteria are established in agreement with e-Arhiv@ participant and with TRANSFOND, before the beginning of service, according to the Archival Nomenclature of the participant, approved by the National Archives.

In order to prevent the unauthorized access of the operating system users, the access control is carried out through restrictions imposed at the level of the operating system and of the data bases, by the configuration of the access rules to the respective resources, by the auditing of actions and by the compliance with certain pre-set management procedures and for accessing the systems. 

The verification of the integrity of the archived documents is ensured by the fact that they are signed by the holder of the disposition right and countersigned by the archive administrator. The verification of integrity is carried out by the automatic agents of the archiving system based on the signature applied to all documents inserted in e-Arhiv@. If a document doesn't fulfil the integrity criteria it is automatically marked and cannot be archived. In such situations, the correct document must be re-entered in the system and, if it passes successfully the validations, it will be archived.

All the operations performed on the electronic archive are logged, the audit registrations containing the date and time of the event, the type of the event, the result of the event (success or failure).

e-Arhiv@ uses modern, scalable information systems that maintain the safety of the archived documents, their authenticity, integrity and availability being ensured during the entire retention period.

The system has a highly reliable modular architecture, improved for ensuring adequate performances of an electronic archiving system.

The documents are kept on different physical supports (high capacity disks, high capacity tapes libraries), depending on the performance necessities of the client (search speed of documents, number of simultaneous accesses etc.).

2. Restriction of the access right to archived documents

The access to the electronic archiving system of TRANSFOND (e-Arhiv@) is carried out through certain VPN-type secured communication lines between the participant to e-Arhiv@ and TRANSFOND. The system authentication is based both on the user passwords, as well as on the secured devices for creation and storage of the electronic signature (USB token).

The access to the archived documents is restricted, a user being able to find an archived documents only if it is part of the access group established by the participant for accessing the documents and has the adequate security level for viewing the document.

For accessing the electronic archiving services offered by TRANSFOND minimum knowledge is necessary for the use of a web browser use, for the use of an application for the electronic signing of a document, for the use of a secured device for the creation and storage of an electronic signature (token).


3. Obligations of e-Arhiv@ participant

For a correct development of the electronic archiving activity, the e-Arhiv@ participant must provide TRANSFOND the following:

At the same time, the participant must:

4. Availability of services

The electronic archiving services are available to the e-Arhiv@ participants in the operation period specified in the system documentation communicated to the participants at the contract signing.

The system includes facilities that ensure the taking over of the archive entry and/or consulting operations of the electronically archived documents by a recovery centre in case of calamities, at TRANSFOND head office.

At the same time, TRANSFOND offers the participants optional solutions (standard or customization) for the automation of the transmission processes of the participant's documents in the e-Arhiv@ buffer zone, as well as the following optional services: